Zanzibar Pizza – Who invented this ridiculous combo?

Zanzibar Pizza - Who invented this ridiculous combo?
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One thing you should try in Stone Town, is a Zanzibar pizza, available at the Forodhani Gardens. Get my free street food guide here:

Every night starting in the late afternoon, the Forodhani Gardens in the center of Stone Town, Zanzibar, turns into a street food hawker center. There are quite a few things available to eat, some of them look alright, while others could be better. But one of the most famous things to eat at this market, is the invention of a Zanzibar pizza… yah, it’s not exactly a traditional food.. and I’m wondering who invented this pretty ridiculous street food concoction!

So there are actually quite a few vendors that make Zanzibar pizza at Forodhani Gardens, and it’s all pretty much the same and costs the same amount, so basically just choose a vendor, and then choose what type of filling you want. I decided to go for a chicken Zanzibar pizza. First they take a ball of dough and flatten it out kind of like a thin roti. Then they add another layer of dough, this one a bit thicker and sort of already half cooked and greasy. Then go in all the random ingredients like onions, peppers, and then that scoop of happy cow cheese, a dollop of mayonnaise, and finally a egg plopped right in the middle to finish things off. The ingredients are all mixed together, folded up into a pocket and fried in vegetable ghee until it’s cooked all the way through and golden on the outside.

The Zanzibar pizza is then sliced into bite sized pieces and served with tomato sauce on the side. I have to be honest and say that a Zanzibar pizza is not my favorite thing in the world. Sure it’s pretty tasty, but that processed cheese paired with a spoon of mayonnaise just doesn’t appeal too much for me. But that being said, it is something everyone should try once for yourself, more about the experience than about the taste or quality of the food!

So when you’re in Stone Town, be sure to sample a Zanzibar pizza at the Forodhani Gardens.

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  1. Um I’m from zanzibar and I guarantee you that it’s not kinda good, only it’s amazing plus we don’t care about healthy or what… I’ve been eating zanzibar pizza every Saturday night since like forever, and unfortunately I’m still walking straight everyday and my skin is still tan and I still have the energy to run a marathon…. so don’t judge a book by its cover
    That’s an advice ?

  2. Dude… There is a reason why America is overweight. Most of our population eat like that. Lol! I'm not usually one of them because too much junk or fast food makes me sick as a dog. But some kids I grew up with wouldnt even touch a vegetable. I think they lived off cheese pizzas and greasy French fries. Yuck!

  3. its people like you mark who sing praises for ratatoue a simple french peasant food dish and you dont apperciate good zanzibra pizza

  4. i love watching your tubes but i think your racist when it comes to people of africa zanzibar pizza makes sense its good very good and your saying ridicolous ive seen you eat chicken feet during your osaka tour and eat tuna eyes and you make these faces as if your experiencing heavenly blessing in your mouth and when it comes to good old zanzibar chicken pizza you think its ridicule you disappoint me mark and all the people of zanzibar especially those food caterers who take effort to explain every thing whats on the food cart

  5. Interesting editing! I wonder how they filmed the close-up as he took a piece of his pizza from the plate, in real-time. Because once you got back to the main camera, there was no other camera there… Magic… Please tell me your trick!

  6. This was my face video it was so ironic. But totally taste worth it. Once a year qued in the unhealthy category. Lol. Vegetable ghee, mayo and processed cheese. With an egg in the middle. Couldnt get better.

  7. Its an omelette wrapped in a crepe cooked in a little ghee or butter with condiments..(mayo, ketchup & mango chutney-which u missed out on)
    Common mark ive seen u eat worse.

  8. This is mukati mayayi. We do it better and healthier in Mombasa,Kenya. You just need egg, onions, cheese and ground beef and it is yummy.

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