Sea Fish Recipe | Big Fish Recipe By Granny Mastanamma

Sea Fish Recipe | Big Fish Recipe By Granny Mastanamma
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Sea Fish Recipe | Big Fish Recipe By Granny Mastanamma


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  1. I wonder why they fried the fish so long? It seemed like it was dry or maybe this is a different kind of fish than the ones we have where we fry shorter. Anyway, it seemed like a nice day at the beach.

  2. where is Mastanamma, has she passed? She had been very sick, and health was failing… then there is nothing new shown with her.. her fans would like to know… we miss her..

  3. THE fish recipe smells so nice I wanna fly to share Mastanamma the taste of the fabulous natural scene and open air conditioning seaside fish dish I like it so much

  4. هي بتعبد النار قبل لما تضع القدره على الكنانون مااعرفش بتعمل ايه وبتمتم ببعض الكلمات عموما أنا حابه استفسر بس وبعدين لكم دينكم ولي دين الإسلام.

  5. My grandmother is going to be 103 in September and she is sharp as a tack. Granny has such a sweet smile and is a kind and loving soul. I'm glad she got to enjoy the beach with her family. Cooking keeps her sharp and active at nearly 107. She either has great genes plus has eaten healthfully her entire life which is why she does not have any diseases or is confined to a nursing home type environment. It is a blessing to have one's grandparents live with their children and grandchildren as they have done for hundreds of years. Our generation in America tends to throw seniors away instead of honoring and taking good care of them, all though may families do that.

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