Idiot Drivers Wrong Way, These Drivers need driving lessons !!!

Idiot Drivers Wrong Way, These Drivers need driving lessons !!!
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Idiot Drivers Wrong Way, These Drivers need driving lessons – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. People like this is why years ago(when it was not illegal) my friend and I welded a steel girder to the front of the truck – amazing how so few were willing to go head to head .

  2. Последнее видео из Мурманска . Блин там столько кирпичей что сам не понимаю как там ездят на этом пяточке знаков 20 висит разнообразных .

  3. Tbh i'm glad i live & got my driver's license in a city where basically EVERYTHING is one way or a roundabout, you literally cannot be this stupid here, literally.

    That also means "Spot the Outsider" game is rather easy in the traffic.

  4. 6:25 Ehh, this is kind of opposite of "driving wrong way" that street at least seems like being a two way but the other lane is just shut down, if the other lane is shut down then traffic has to use the one available alone.

  5. I'd love to be the cop who gets to the scene to see that the other party hit the another one because they were going wrong way, or see the talk following the cop appearing there.

    "Officer! this person drove into me on this street!" "Okay citizen, and you were coming from where?" "From that way obviously!" "Well, that does not seem obvious because that would mean you had been driving one way street wrong way." "But there's no stop signs or anything! how am i at fault?!" "…By driving wrong way, here is your ticket for your offenses." "Wait isn't that person going to get any?! why am only i getting tickets?!" "Because you were the only one to break the law." "How can you state that?!" "By law, now sign these."

    Oh the sweet view of the wrongdoer crumbling down.

  6. Россия пидорская страна. Население Российской Федерации конченое быдло, заслуживающее уничтожения. Оно происходит, федеравчане ей помогают.

  7. перестроится времени нет а пиздеть и спорить этой собаке время есть парни с собой перцовый баллончик визите и шокер !

  8. I've turned onto oncoming traffic on a one way 3 times now because I am relying too much on my GPS then actual signs thankfully the roads were clear but still I always feel like a major dumbass

  9. Пацаны все кому позволяют обстоятельства и здоровье бьем уёбкам ебасосины наглухо!Пока спина взмокнет и все равно пинаем!!!!

  10. How can so many people from one country be so stupid?
    You'd never have to worry about an invasion from Russia or any eastern European countries. They crash their tanks into each other before they got a mile out of Moscow.

  11. It's gut-wrenching that impact after not being able to do much but watch a wrong way driver. We witnessed it in 1987 on southbound I-75 heading into Tennessee….I've occasionally had some very graphic dreams and to this day that accident still affects me

  12. omg and these people get international drivers licenses and come and drive in other countries, they don't deserve to have license, and the work drivers are in europe it looks like, looks like some have death wishes to drive wrong way

  13. Some of those roads though. You can't tell if you are on the right side of the road. You can't tell if you are in the right lane. You can't even tell if you are in a lane.

  14. Иногда, как и все водители я нарушаю ПДД… и я осознаю, что нарушаю… но!!! я никогда не делаю это по по хамски в отношении к к другим водителям. Мне вот интересно, хоть один хам на встречке из этого видео был наказан? номера и маршрут видны четко….

  15. I have been driving for 17 years in Canada and US and never once I saw someone driving in a one way on purpose. WTF is going on with those Russians ??? GOD

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