War-Torn Zoo's Last Surviving Animals Rescued in Mosul | National Geographic

War-Torn Zoo's Last Surviving Animals Rescued in Mosul | National Geographic
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When bombs hit the war-torn city of Mosul in Iraq, zookeepers at Montazah Al-Morour Zoo were forced to abandon the animals. As many as 40 animals left behind died from bombings and starvation. Others escaped. Simba the lion and Lula the bear were the sole survivors, but they were starving and living in poor conditions when found in February. A team from Four Paws International organized a rescue mission to save them. An initial attempt to get the animals out of the city in late March failed when the team was stopped at a checkpoint. But after ten days of negotiating with Iraqi military and government officials, the team was finally able to fly Simba and Lula out of the country. They were sent to New Hope Center, the biggest wildlife shelter in the Middle East, where they will continue to receive medical care and reside as a permanent home.
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Follow the latest updates on Simba and Lula and find out how to help.

War-Torn Zoo’s Last Surviving Animals Rescued in Mosul | National Geographic

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  1. Zoos are proof that our society has evolved little in thousands of years. We literally rip animals out of their habitats and throw them into tiny, fake habitat, cages for people to pay money to look at? Savages, all of you.

    Nature preservations are the only form of animal protection any moral person and or society would ever allow.

  2. Gods! That's painful, that so many animals were simply abandoned, caged, and left to die. Thank the gods that the people of Four Paws had the dedication and determination to get in there and rescue the sole survivors.

  3. When reading the title I immediately thought of the graphic novel called Pride of Baghdad. It is such an amazing story, everyone should read it. The writer Brian K Vaughan has written some amazing things and it is one of my favorites.

  4. Hey nation geographic I need a favor on my Instagram I got is picture of a weird spider or something my Instagram is Tyler_kurman please help. Thx

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