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  1. It's Clearly visible that this Fatso is not even able to Sit properly Coz of his enormous Storehouse of Highly Saturated Fat . Infact It Seems YAMRAJ mistakenly Took the old woman . This Fatso Should have got Fatal Heart Attack way back but look at him..

  2. The very first food channel i subscribed on the YouTube way back in 2017 . Came back today to watch once again in a span of several months after her sad demise. Miss you grandma.

  3. అల్లం వెల్లుల్లి పేస్ట్ ఇలా మధ్యలో వేస్తే పచ్చి వాసన వస్తుంది కదా? నూనెలో వేస్తే బాగుంటుంది

  4. This fatty man needs to exercise very hard and eat very carefully . He should focus on health not on mutton chicken. He himself looks like a mutton shop.

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