Early Morning Around 8 o'clock Street Food Hyderabad HITEC City

Early Morning Around 8 o'clock Street Food Hyderabad HITEC City
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Early Morning Around 8 o’clock Street Food Hyderabad HITEC City.

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  1. If you have a complain that he didn't use a gloves..the solution is simple don't buy food in the streets..because the reality is Street food vendor most of them didn't use a gloves they don't have sanitary permit and everything you are looking for..because their capital is very small also their profit.most of the profit they earn every day is just enough to feed their Family for a day..as you can see in the video the vendor didn't force the guy to buy what ever his selling..

  2. i bet they sell atleast 100 dosas a day that is at 30 each thats 3000, so think how much they are making on the entire stall… OMFG they earn more than me and they dont pay taxes..

  3. Arab countries and India are the last place I would want to live. What's up with all the honking? Too dirty and crowded. I love India food though…

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