Cooking Bhutanese Food at Hotel Druk in Thimphu, Bhutan (Day 3)

Cooking Bhutanese Food at Hotel Druk in Thimphu, Bhutan (Day 3)
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On Day 3 of this Bhutan food and travel trip, we were invited to cook Bhutanese food with the chefs at Hotel Druk, one of the legendary historical hotels in the heart of Thimphu, Bhutan.

Sikam paa – This is one of the most common Bhutanese dishes of sun dried pork belly cooked up with dried chilies. It’s not a dish for your if you don’t like some fat, but it is pretty tasty and I especially like the dried chilies.

Ema datshi – Considered the national dish of Bhutan, ema datshi is Bhutanese cheese and chilies. We learned to cook this dish and then ate it for lunch.

Kewa datshi – Similar to ema datshi, but this is the version with potatoes instead of chilies.

Jasha tshoem – This is a Bhutanese style of chicken curry, that makes use of lots of ginger and butter. It’s very good.

Hogey salad – This is a Bhutanese salad of cucumber and vegetables with crumbled Bhutanese cheese added for flavoring.

Thank you to Hotel Druk in downtown Thimphu for inviting us to learn some Bhutanese dishes and for the delicious food. Hotel Druk also serves excellent Indian food!


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

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