The Final Cut (dancing bears rescue)

The Final Cut (dancing bears rescue)
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International Animal Rescue, with partners Wildlife SOS, run bear sanctuaries in Agra and Bannerghatta, India, where bears rescued from the dancing bear trade can live out their lives, free from pain.

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  1. How can it be that those illiterate half human subspecies are ALLOWED to own such beautiful, on a brink of extinction animals?? Large fines and jail sentences are needed.This video restored my faith in kindness of some Indian people…thank you for the rescues and ongoing work and care..

  2. again thank you for being there for the bears, but why do the governments give the poochers money to start up businesses when they are criminals, they say they are muslims doing this, ok stone them to death, let them suffer for what they have done to the bears

  3. So so moving and incredibly sad, the cruelty to these bears in beyond belief. I have donated several times because I know International Rescue do a fantastic job of rescuing these bears and other animals all over the world, so thank you guys for all you do and I hope more bears have been rescued since this video went out.

  4. Muslims don't believe in animal rights or welfare. For example, the Koran tells them to avoid households with dogs.

  5. Dear GOD, please come down and rip the legs and arms off of the low life scum who torture these bears. They deserve to die a painful painful death! The filthy scum people in these countries make you want to vomit, Mother Earth will be so much better off if they were all gone! The government doesn't give a shit!

  6. Que belleza de especie!! Y cuanta maldad hay en el hombre, hasta donde llega la flojera, por no conseguir un trabajo, de lo que sea, y no humillando y explotando a estos seres¡¡¡VIVIOS!!!! Que sienten y piensan por eso no salen de su pobreza, gracias a esas buenas personas que los rescatan, mil gracias ?

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