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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2017 – BAD DRIVERS USA #21 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. How do some of these clips even make it on? Dude honks and calls him a name to himself, windows down … That happens all the time, hardly a worthy YouTube clip.

  2. 0:23
    "Oh ThOsE eViL bIkErS!!"

    Did that biker just cause a multi car accident? Nope… that was the car driver.
    Nice deflection attempt though ?

    As for the tough guy hick in the Chevy, only thing that needs to be said to him, "Lunge at me again and watch how pretty youll look"

  3. im sorry but the general american has zero hand eye coordination. that woman talked about the lights but all she was filming was someone else's tyres!!!

  4. "You want my license plate number I'll be happy to give it to you. It is uhmm…"
    "I HAAVE it. GOLF ninety-five, GOLF david tom." LMAO

  5. That fucking redneck in the green Ford was riding with his sister and his wife, fucking thing was that there was only one girl in the truck with him ??????!!!!!

  6. 0:53 – This IS an example why people should try to stop someone in traffic. Not some of the others we've seen because the mob had road rage and a mob mentality, but to stop people who are out of their minds with rage.

  7. :032 – What the hell was with this car? He should have just pulled away from the motorcycle. Instead he made a decision that probably affected the rest of his life.

  8. What is wrong with americans? dont you learn to «not claim your space» to avoid accidents, when you get your lisence?

    Stupid people will allways do dangerous shit in traffic!
    But you guys with dashcam who «claim your spot» and dont step on the break, to let the idiots «do their move» so that you can avoid accidents.. you are no fucking better than that idiot who moves incorrectly in trafic!

    not only are you risking your life, and your passangers life… but you are risking everyone around you at that time!

  9. We don't have to wait for a natural disaster to destroy the human race we're doing a good job of it just drive a car idiot drivers kill more people than natural disasters thank you

  10. 6:55…this is why one should never get cocky with someone you don't know. That little piece of shit has no idea how lucky he got the big dude didn't pound him into the ground like a tent stake. Or even worse he could have come across someone like me, someone who carries.

  11. I can't help but notice all of the license plates on these cars are a bunch of Yankees that don't know how to drive I can tell you one thing if you come down south and jump out of that car you would definitely get your ass lit up so you better keep your ass up there north of that Mason-Dixon Line cuz if you come down here acting that way these Hillbillies will go crazy on you. Signing off you would definitely get your ass lit up so you better keep your ass up there or north of that Mason Dixon line cuz if you come down here acting that way these Hillbillies will go crazy on you. Signing off footlong

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