Rescued Animals Get To Be FREE for the FIRST TIME | The Dodo Showcase

Rescued Animals Get To Be FREE for the FIRST TIME | The Dodo Showcase
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Rescued Animals Get To Be Themselves for the First Time | These rescued animals are doing so many things for the first time — like seeing the sun, learning how to walk and making their first best friends. To help these heroes save more animals, you can support International Animal Rescue:

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  1. thank you for the wonderful work of love you do. it breaks my heart to see these beautiful beings the way they have been treated. so glad you have the heart and can help them.

  2. Who are you are you Frances slanes friend on Facebook and why do you have a YouTube channel and Facebook channel and what is your name just why do you have maybe 3 channels just why? Please tell me

  3. This makes me so damn ashamed of humanity! All these innocent victims of mans inhumanity – and yet so many humans are now releasing and loving all these dear ones. Thank you to all who are doing this wonderful work, and who care!

  4. Have to say these videos inspired me to rescue an animal, I chose an American Bulldog. He is awesome only had him a few days now but he is happy. Think someone tried to fight him cause he has some scars and is only a few yrs old. They picked him up as a stray they probably abandoned him cause he isn't a fighter but a very sweet and loving. I'm looking forward to our hiking and outdoors journeys 🙂

  5. On a lighter note, the wheelbarrows full of chimps being taken care of! Touching and smile-worthy and adorable.

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