People in Cars Attacked By Tornado 2019

People in Cars Attacked By Tornado 2019
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  1. My Tornado a gud boi he ain't dun nuthin 2 no body, he wudz just on his whey 2 da church 4 bible study and deez cars gone done tookded dis tornados life 4 no reezin. My Tornado jus graduated frum cumewnity collage wita degree in finance he fina be da next Bill Gates and deez pig cars gone done took dis tornados life

  2. The people in the first video were lucky. Not only are you in a car in a tornado, but you park next to a building with 2 big propane tanks right next to you. Either get thrown by the tornado, or unknowingly get blown to kingdom come by the bombs you were parked next to.

  3. I love the title! Attacking tornados! This is how i felt about tornados as a child-that they were out to get me and that was why we had to "hide" from them. ?

    I still think they are hunting me. I moved to Florida, and a week later one missed me by half a mile ?

  4. 7:43 is insane. An up close, stationary, well lit, big tornado. It's so mindblowingly beautiful. Drivers were stupid for passing it rather than pulling over though. I would not approach any tornado, no matter how perfect it was, from that far away. Also, I'd probably pull over to the side of the road to take a bunch of pictures and stay for as long as I'm comfortable with. Also, video footage. It would be a surreal dream to see such a spectacular, non destructive tornado with no rain and at just the right angle and I would never pass that up in a million years, especially since it would be safer than getting even closer.

  5. All those dumb ass people parked in the middle of the road pulled to the side and let other people through that's how accidents get caused

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