Most Stupid Pickup Truck Drivers – Epic Truck Fails 2018

Most Stupid Pickup Truck Drivers - Epic Truck Fails 2018
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Most Stupid Pickup Truck Drivers – Epic Truck Fails 2018 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I absolutely hate pickup truck drivers especially Rams. They all drive like cunts, so seeing these idiots get in serious wrecks makes my day.

  2. Man… how do this shit heads dont get get pulled over by cops and here i am getting pulled over bcause i didnt fully stop at a stop light
    Like bro you got me fuckes up

  3. Good pickup driver = dead pickup driver. Worst fucking menace on the road. You know they also harass real truckers too with their Class C 2 axle pile of garbage.

  4. A redneck with a pick up is like a guy with anger problems owning guns. Where I live they’re brains are too limited to figure out on how to signal AND change lanes at the same time.

  5. something i've noticed recently is the entitlement of people who are getting cut off. notice how half the time someone gets cut off they speed up and cause a wreck.

  6. 3:42 you can't that guy stupid he ramp it and then had no power over the landing because the front in is heavier the the back considering in the front there's a big engine and the back is a light bed of the truck HEY you should do a video on Most stupid ricer drivers there would be so many you wouldn't have enough space on your computer to edit them all together

  7. Why do they need such a big vehicle for one person? I'm not confusing this with tradesmen or people who actually haul things. It seems many of them do not know how to drive the thing.

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