Dash Cam Owners Australia March 2019 On the Road Compilation

Dash Cam Owners Australia March 2019 On the Road Compilation
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  1. Just a observation : why does almoust everybody making a connection between a bad traffic situation and sex? "*Fuck*" where im from we are thinking on "*fuck`ing*" as a positive thing not as a negative thing. if somthing happening in the traffic we youse a lot off strong word`s but not sexual related . The people i have spoken to from Australia are having a "colorfull" wokabular but not reapeating "*fuck*" as a responce in a bad situation.
    Sorry fore typo`s

  2. You're either a skilled driver or you're not. And that's something nobody can teach you. It involves awareness of your surroundings, driving skills, ability to predict what other drivers may do and other factors. You don't learn that at school. I haven't had an accident my whole life. So many dick heads driving on our roads.

  3. It should be a law in Australia that all dash cam owners have to have the mic’s on at all times, why because Australians have the best insults and expressions in the world ???

  4. There sure is a LOT of fucking going on down under. From the sounds of it from Heaven to hell and everything in between! Good job Guys and Gals!! FUCK THEM ALL, THE LONG THE SHORT AND THE TALL!

  5. I am Swede living in Australia and I tell you, the aussies are the most disrespectful and bad drivers in traffic on the planet.

  6. Why do Australians put an antenna on the front of their trucks? It's kind of annoying to have that right in the middle of the view.

  7. Does anyone else think that introducing autonomous cars is going to interfere with natural selection and dumb down our civilization.. on the other hand it hopefully will stop innocent victims from being harmed

  8. In all these footage, which camera do you think had the best footage? I'm thinking of getting one but the ones I get haven't lived up to my standards.

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