Daily Dash cam Fails and Road Rage 2018 September #848

Daily Dash cam Fails and Road Rage 2018 September #848
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Daily Dash cam Fails and Road Rage 2018 September #848 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 1:20 педе***тку малолетнюю не научили, что бегать через проезжую часть нельзя, тем более не глядя по сторонам? Она как будто специально с*ка ждала

  2. is there any way to find out more about specific clips? i need to know if the person in clip 2:262:35 is ok, they got hit really hard by an suv and flew pretty far.
    *edit*, information i was looking for already in comments, unfortunately she did not survive.

  3. 7:14. Completely avoidable collision as far as the cammer was concerned. Only an idiot wouldn't slow down with all that was happening in front of them. Moron deserved to be involved.

  4. 9:35 That was hilarious, the driver of the getaway car backs up and knocks both of the gunman to the ground before they get back in and leave…. haha definitely some serious damage to their egos.
    Boys and girls that’s exactly how you don’t rob an armored car. Poor planning, poor execution. Shotguns against a bullet proof armored car… That will get you exactly Jack and shit.

  5. The last one was crazy. Must be gangs or the mafia !!! He or she seems like they knew something going to happen.

  6. What the fuck is that last clip? I mean I read the comments and I learned that is armed robbery, but wtf were they doing? My boy on the left shot the ground 3 fucking times in a row and after the car getting shot at started to get back they like COLLAPSED on the ground and then get back in the car? Likeee?? What???? Sketchy af

  7. The last one, the attempted armed robbery? Note the getaway car went into reverse and knocked two of the gunners down!
    I wonder how the ride back to the hideout went? The third passenger is sitting there laughing his ass off, and the two others are trying to stop their nosebleeds and going "Dammit Dmitry, you had ONE JOB!!!"
    And thus, Dmitry was demoted to moped-riding delivery boy. I presume the others quit calling him "Dingbat" eventually…

  8. Alot Of those clips were brutal Wow I Wonder If anyone died In the school bus accident? hello from new mexico USA

  9. At least the driver of the flipped black car has his/her priorities right, must turn on your hazards after an accident, even if your car has flipped over.

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