Best Singapore Food – BBQ Sambal Stingray at Chomp Chomp Food Centre!

Best Singapore Food - BBQ Sambal Stingray at Chomp Chomp Food Centre!
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BBQ sambal stingray is one of the best foods to eat in Singapore. Ready my full Singapore food guide here:

Along with fish head curry, one of the things I especially love to eat in Singapore is grilled bbq sambal stingray. There are a number of famous food centres where you can get stingray, but on this trip, due to many of you kindly recommending it, I went to Chomp Chomp Food Centre, located at Serangoon Gardens. To get there I took the MRT to Seragoon station, and then decided to walk from there, which took about 30 minutes. However, you could also take a bus from the MRT station directly to Serangoon Gardens.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre only opens in the evening, so unfortunately you can’t go there for lunch, but only for dinner. I knew it was going to busy, so we arrived in the early evening right at about 5 pm to beat the main rush – which luckily we did. I headed straight to the first stall #1 to order by grilled stingray, and they had a couple of different sizes that you could order. I had to go for the $15 SGD size. I also ordered some sambal kangkong as well – water morning glory cooked with sambal chili sauce. For the stingray, they took fillets of stingray, coated it in a thick layer of sambal chili sauce, and then wrapped it in a banana leaf before putting it on the grill. The stingray was then sort of baked and grilled at the same time, all within the banana leaf.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre is also home to some other wonderful hawker stalls – some call it one of the best hawker stalls in Singapore – it’s quite small, but everything looks and delicious, and the vendors seemed to be very friendly as well. I also ordered a plate of chicken wings, which were roasted to golden perfection, and I got a plate of Hokkien Mee from a pretty well known Hokkien mee hawker stall at the market. Both were very good, but what was really on my mind was the bbq stingray.

The stingray was marvelous – the meat is kind of a cross between chicken and fish, and it’s very meaty and very juicy, and has a stringy texture like crab, but fish in texture. Anyway, it’s just awesomely good. The sambal was grilled and baked onto the fish, so it had a smoky flavor with all that dry chili flavor as well. I could also taste the flavor of the banana leaf, which gave the stingray a green earthy flavor to go with the fragrant chilies. The bbq sambal stingray at Chomp Chomp, stall #1, was incredibly delicious.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre – Stall #1 – right at the entrance of the food centre
Address: 20 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore
Open hours: 5 pm – Midnight or so daily
Prices: A range of hawker food prices, stingray ranges from $10 – $15 SGD
How to get there: Take the MRT to Serangoon Station, and catch the bus that goes directly to Serangoon Gardens.


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  1. Why are your eyes red and glossy? In every video. And the same expression when you eat the food. I can't believe the fatty and organs you eat. Blood balls ?? What the hell. Have you ever been sick with that stuff you eat? The standards are horrible there. I cant imagine eating that food. But I love your videos they are entertaining.

  2. Thanks Mark. Now I have dig into my fridge. Lol u always make any meal exotic. That BBQ seafood looked so good. Definitely visiting chop chomp chomp when I visit Singapore

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  4. The food look so good .especially that barbecue stingray I never had it before but if I was there I Think I would try it. Maybe all of it I just hope it tastes the way it looks real good.

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