ADI takes 39 rescued animals back to the jungle.

ADI takes 39 rescued animals back to the jungle.
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The incredible and logistically challenging 15-hour operation to take our 39 rescued monkeys, coatis and kinkajous back to the jungle. Saved from circuses and the illegal wildlife trade in Peru during Animal Defenders International’s (ADI) Operation Spirit of Freedom mission the animals are relocated to the Pilpintuwasi sanctuary In the Amazon rainforest. Living in specially constructed ADI-funded habitats, they will be free to live as close as possible to the lives they would have in the wild. Please help us give them the care they need with a donation today


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  1. Some ridiculous comments here from ignorant sneering types who obviously didn't even watch the video – WELL DONE ADI you are wonderful, I sponsored Bam Bam's pride and I know all these animals are infinitely better off now than they were in circus prisons where they were neglected or deliberately mistreated.  If some can eventually be returned to the wild that will be great too, of course there are risks but FREEDOM is priceless and it is what every living creature is entitled to.  Your dedication is inspiring.

  2. ADI rocks. Very few organizations that work for the release of captivite wildlife follow up to help pay for the enclosures they require and the expenses that need to be covered.

  3. Wow, what an operation. So wonderful. Every living being deserves freedom! I am so happy to know, that those animals are recued. I didn't know, that there are still animals in the circus'. That's a shame!!

  4. ♫ ☆ ℋαℓℓεℓⓤУÅℋ ♫ ☆ ♫ ℋαℓℓεℓⓤУÅℋ ☆ ♫

    Blessings Be Upon All Who Partook In Rescuing & Donating!

  5. Thank you, thank you to all of you, who've made this happen for these wonderful animals … they seem so happy … they seem bewildered … I am thrilled for them all … finally, a place to call "home" — a real home.

  6. Sometimes animals can be released back into the wilds, sometimes they can't. In those cases, a good sanctuary is the best we can hope for them. It's better than chains and cages, with no or improper food, clean water and proper veterinary care when necessary. You just have to look on the faces of these animals to see they are
    in awe of their new surroundings, which I'm sure will turn into joy and peace once they
    are totally acclimated. PETA sucks…

  7. Thank you so much ADI this made my morning=) you guys have done an incredible amazing work for these animals keep up the awesome tiresome work it never ends!Lots of Love from a Sunny Sweden xx

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