Rescue Dog Loves Being A Spongebob Broadway Star | The Dodo City Pets

Rescue Dog Loves Being A Spongebob Broadway Star | The Dodo City Pets
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Rescue Dog Loves Being A Broadway Star | Rescued cocker spaniel Dublin lives in Times Square with his Broadway star mom, Lilli Cooper — and Dublin’s a star too. He loves going backstage with his mom and hanging out with the cast members. And when the show’s over, he gets to greet all the fans waiting to meet him! You can follow @lilcoopz on Instagram to keep up with Dublin’s theatrical life in NYC:

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  1. Beautiful family that you three are! I adopted my senior black Cocker Spaniel that I named Sammy (Davis Jr., just because…he was left behind of the pack) when he was already nine years old . He rescued me! He taught me about unconditional love these 4-5 years with that perfect little booty wiggle that exudes joy to everyone. I am so grateful the Universe allowed him to choose ME for these years….!

  2. How are you making videos?Are you torturing, and harming animals to create videos? Do you shoot the healing part before you make them sick for the shoot of first half of the videoes? Or am I too concerned?

  3. Dublin looks exactly like my dog Sirius Black who passed away last year Thanksgiving. I can't stop crying. Dublin is beautiful.

  4. Yer killin' me… I grew up in NYC. I spent my allowance and earnings on Broadway shows, and the ABT and Met. I left when I was 18. I don't have a dog, either. You make me miss everything. I know I don't have to tell you to appreciate where you are, how young you still are, and the folks you're with. You and Dublin have made it!

  5. Omg Dublin looks like my dog my dog is a girl named Justine and she’s a black cocker spaniel and we got her when she was 4 now she’s 14 but even though she’s old she’s doing very good

  6. Oh my gosh!!! I love this show! One of my favorite shows on Broadway right now. Recommended 100%! It’s perfect for all ages – surprisingly dark for what you’d expect haha

  7. :Rosie, my black cocker spaniel: eats covers-snort like a pig-sloth-wrestles in bed then stop for 5 seconds and starts again-While your pour her water she drinks it-if you scratch her butt she licks the hair-she sniffs you in the face but never licks you-Only licks feet or legs-

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