Omelette in Indian Cucumber By Our 106 Granny

Omelette in Indian Cucumber By Our 106 Granny
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Omelette in Dosakai


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  1. I love that grandma but here are some
    Tips for country food
    -Please make your videos short
    -Fastforward the cooking part
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  2. Hi Country Foods. What kind of crop/vegetable were you harvesting in the fields in this video. It looks like a cross between a ginger and a sweet potato. Can you please tell me?

  3. Egg and Cucumber is very bad combination and it will lead to bad health condition if you consume more.. Please do not make these kind of videos to mislead peoples.. Humble request.

  4. Living like that is amazing to me, I’m from Puerto Rico and I lived like that, planting our own veg/fruits etc I love it so much. This brought me back I LOVE YOU GRANNY !❤️

  5. That looks so yummy! Granny is looking beautiful as always❤️. The intro was very interesting to see, thank you for showing that.

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