Funny ? grandmother .. you must watch !! ???

Funny ? grandmother .. you must watch !! ???
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Funny ? grandmother .. you must watch !! ???


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  1. Wow so cute alert grandma her face really is photogenic she warmly sit down besides her son having some sort of talent accommodations to their simplified life with a fabulous fascinating splendid amazing flowering Valentine's day fest and presents

  2. You are to lazy to put translation. And I don't like how they behave with her like she's a kid. And this shit laugh from the cameraman. Seems unnatural. I like the natural way from her not what they telling her to do, to make money with this respectful lady.

  3. grandmother is so cute…….but i just can't understand that what you guys ar talking about….please add English translation….please

  4. You dont need language to understand feelings and love. She is describing her energy to live for so loong. Lots of Ghee, fish Tortoise etc and to top it all hard work.

  5. Blessings from Mexico! You are so beautiful Grandma! Can you include subtitles please? Also, I would like to see grandma doing others things with the grandchildren and family. What other things she does on a regular day?

  6. mastanamma ni chusthnte ma nayanamma gurthosthnaru. nayanmma neku padabivandanam from your granddaughter. neku ipudu e channel vala prapancham mothm lone chala Mandi chutalu ayaru. long life grany. love u. guys who are doing these videos read out her these comments from her lovers and fans. and thanks for making videos with such a sweet heart love you nanamma ( from Bindu- vijayawada)

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