Dog Abandoned at Vet Celebrates The Rescue Group That Saved Him | The Dodo Party Animals

Dog Abandoned at Vet Celebrates The Rescue Group That Saved Him | The Dodo Party Animals
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Happy Dog Celebrates The Rescue Group That Saved Him | This smiling rescue dog could barely walk after he survived an accident, but his new mom did tons of physical therapy with him and knew he’d get better. Today on Party Animals, Wes is attending a puppy bash to raise money for the rescue that saved his life — and his mom is SO proud that he can finally run. You can check out @Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue ( and @Wannabe Rescued ( to keep up with Wes’ rescuers! You can also check out @Puppy Parties NYC (

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  1. Imagine if people treated their kids as well as their pets, we probably wouldn't have homeless people, addiction and mass shootings if they did.

  2. People surrender their dogs for many reasons. Wes is fortunate he was taken to a vet and not a kill shelter or abandoned on the streets to fend for himself. He's a beautiful dog and it's great he found his forever home.

  3. Ughhh now I’m crying and my mom is asking me why…2minutes later she’s crying to ? haha thx for the amazing vid! New subscriber!! Congrats ?

  4. I don’t think these people do any good in the world. These are fucking animals. Why aren’t people trying to save children or feeding the hungry. It’s crazy to me and if for some reason you do believe in a higher power, this isn’t going to get you into heaven. It’s like being too lazy to make a real difference so you think half-assing it still counts

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