Abused Dog Rescued Just In Time Lives The Happiest Life Now | The Dodo

Abused Dog Rescued Just In Time Lives The Happiest Life Now | The Dodo
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Abused Dog Who Had 6 Surgeries Has The Happiest Life Now | This woman heard about a sweet dog who’d been through so much, and the deadline to adopt him was her birthday. So she instantly had a feeling they were meant to be together — and she was right. To help Dwayne’s rescuers save more dogs like him, you can support the Helen Woodward Animal Center: http://thedo.do/woodward. You can also follow Dwayne’s new life on Instagram: http://thedo.do/dwayne.

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  1. I understand people who are not fond of animals, I can let it pass. Maybe they had bad experience. But to be cruel???!!! I can only imagine the kind of person they are/about to become

  2. Super duper happy for you booo and to your beautiful and wonderful mommy? im crying for so much happiness coz youve got a wonderful life now. Big hug?for you sweety

  3. god help anyone I ever see abusing an animal.
    I've been to jail and I've been to the hospital and neither scare me.
    Hurt an animal in my presence and see…

  4. I thought" owner want to be peaceful mind..owner don't disturb when dog bark..owner feel no interest clean when dog will pee out and poo out daily…owner feel angry if dog can't walk..owner feel like want holiday for trip, who will care with dog??"..dog always love with good person but dog could be angry or attack sometime…I am enjoy to watch this video..

  5. Seeing his scars makes me very angry! How is it possible to do this to a sentient creature? I'm glad he finally found a loving home.

  6. Dogs are best ! Let it be stated, of all the creatures God created.
    A very close second, so very near,
    Are the loving owners, who hold them dear.
    – graphite

  7. was the sick person who abused him prosecuted, i hope? i guarantee dwayne doesnt think about those unhappy memories–he has more important things like walks and fun toys to occupy his time with!!

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