Banana Leaf Chicken || Traditional Chicken Recipes || Village Style Cooking

Banana Leaf Chicken || Traditional Chicken Recipes || Village Style Cooking
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yummy banana leaf chicken by countryfoods


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  1. It is awesome to see there generations of women keeping their families fed and happy. Keep the tradition alive. Goddess Blessings on your all

  2. Eventhough all we are divided by different countries and nations but still together when comes to food so lovely to watch comments all with love……

  3. Delicious chicken, love the fact it's in banana leafs. So healthy & clean, you use the earth as much as possible in your recips, great videos. ☆☆☆☆☆ stars.

  4. Thank god for her soonest recovery.
    May god bless her with long n prosperous life.
    Grandma , you look exactly like my dadi and I get lot of pleasure just watching you.
    Pls upload video frequently and I can't wait to watch you again.

  5. Looks so delicious… I am glad Granny recovered…like tot see her.. God bless You all….greetings from the Netherlands

  6. Rajani, thanks for give us another delicious food of your menu, kisses and a big hug for you. Please, a big kiss to Granny. I love you Granny and Rajani.

  7. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. If possible could you please write in English what are the spices you are adding and in what order. This will help viewers to try these recipes more comfortably. Good wishes for Granny.

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