Amazing Transformation of a Shelter Pet – The Story of Jimmy. Adopt Rescue Foster

Amazing Transformation of a Shelter Pet  - The Story of Jimmy. Adopt Rescue Foster
Spread The Viralist Jimmy is one of the dogs I rescued from Macon Animal Control during their Pardon Week back in November. I adopted him and took in 3 other dogs to foster. I hope this encourages people to consider adopting from a animal shelter or rescue group if they are thinking of opening their heart and home to a pet.

If you want to read about the 4 from the beginning, they were introduced on my blog here-

You’ll also find their photos in my flickr photostream-

07/01/12- Update. I reported this on my own blog and Facebook page, but I see I didn’t update the video. A few days after this video was posted to Youtube, Jimmy developed very severe and unexpected complications from the heartworms he was being treated for. He seemed to be doing well on the outside, but had major issues with his heart and lungs according to his pathology report. When this was uploaded I totally expected him to be around another 10 years not realizing that he would only be here a few more days.

I decided to leave his video up. If it encourages someone to adopt, rescue, or foster a shelter pet, he would want that.

Please share the video if you have a second- it might help another pet in a similar situation.


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  1. My heart's singing…the gospel song is purrfect! You are doing the lord's work, so it's fitting. What a handsome glorious fella… Oh, err.. the dogs cute too! Lol. Peace

  2. I am so sorry this must have broken your heart,Jimmy was one of the most beautiful dogs i have seen in a long time,I really dont know what to say i also expected a wonderful future for you both,please accept my heartfelt condolences,i know you loved Jimmy and i am sure he felt the same for you as his tail never stopped wagging when he gained his confidence. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR HEART OF GOLD AND FOR GIVING JIMMY THE BEST DAYS….❤?

  3. Rescued dogs are the best! I rescue,adopt and foster ,dogs are my life?.In my country are many stray who need homes.

  4. OMG this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.Thankyou to anyone who saves an animal.I love each and every one of you.❤❤

  5. He’s beautiful and I’m certain he got a wonderful home. I’ll look for an update.
    I got my kitty from a Humane Society and love her to pieces. I was told by a worker that she and her brother were somewhat feral and she had to work with them for 5-6 weeks. She’s a beauty and a momma’s girl.
    Please go to shelters and rescues to find a pet that needs you.

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