4 Roti 3 Sabji Curry Only 24 rs Per Plate | Kolkata Street Food | Indian People Enjoy Roadside Food

4 Roti 3 Sabji Curry Only 24 rs Per Plate | Kolkata Street Food | Indian People Enjoy Roadside Food
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Address :
RN Mukherjee Road, Lal Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal,India

4 Roti 3 Sabji Curry Only 24 rs Per Plate | Kolkata Street Food | Indian People Enjoy Roadside Food.

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  1. Dirtiest people on earth they poo and piss everywhere and add urine to their food and also drink their own urine madarchodo

  2. Calcutta was a beautiful city when British were there
    Since they moved out became a shithole slump yuks what Indians did to all their country have no value

  3. God bless you. .you are real people who are serving food with bare minimum profit. This should be the motto big restaurants learn from this hard working team..GOD give u more strength. .hi regards.

  4. I will not talk about unhealthy and unhygienic conditions in which to prepare and serve food, Because this is a talk that affects the Indians crazy. but I wonder if the bread is considered well cooked, for me it is still a dough.

  5. Ekhane onekei address nie kanna kati korche dekhchi, bhai toder dey ke bolto???? Video er surutei dewa aache RN MUKHERJEE ROAD, LAL BAZAR, tomra ki chokhe mulo thuse dekho naki, ekta chele eto sundor presentation korche with address r tomra baal khujei pachcho na address, k ekta bollo unsubscribe korlam, ha bhai ja toder moto kana battery na thakleo ei channel superhit. Btw bhai darun video again.

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