UNDISCOVERED Street Food of Hue, Vietnam – MEAT SHRINE and Bun Bo Hue in Đông Ba Market!

UNDISCOVERED Street Food of Hue, Vietnam - MEAT SHRINE and Bun Bo Hue in Đông Ba Market!
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Location : Đông Ba Market

Address: Trần Hưng Đạo Street, Phú Hòa district, Huế city

Food name: Clam Rice
Price: 10.000VNd
Operation time: 05:30AM – 07:00PM

Food name: Nậm cake – Tapioca cake
Price: 2.000VND/unit
Operation time: 12:00Pm -06:00PM

Cart name: Miến Trộn
Food name: Glass Noodles
Price: 15.000VND

Cart name: Bún bò Huế – Huế beef noodles
Food name: Bún bò Huế chợ Đông Ba
Price: 20.000VND/dish
Operation Hours: 06:00AM – 07:00PM

Cart name: Mobile cart – Charsiu sandwwich
Food name: Bánh mì xá xíu – Charsiu sandwich
Price: 10.000VND

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  1. I get that you must love the area, that you’re an adventurous traveler & meater. But I think that maybe you’re no different than ambb


  2. Sonny you truly have the best SHOW ever thank you for everything you do to give us the best food show and best show in general it’s much appreciated

  3. This happens also in my country, there are some hawkers who are unable to get a permanent space, so they walk around selling their things. And some of them don't make enough money in a day but they work hard for it

  4. I'm dedicating my life to down voting all your videos because my food channel failed completely and you're so successful. I WILL DOWN VOTE EVERY LAST SINGLE VIDEO YOU HAVE!!!!!

  5. the blood cake has the little tiny holes on it because during the process, people usually pour the blood into a cup or a bow, and let it sit there for awhile. And those holes are actually came from the bubbles on the blood.

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