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  1. ..makes me wonder how anyone cant tell a difference between chipmunks and squirrels :/

    cant tell what kind of lizard that is though. its not a bearded dragon though. they dont have crested throats. they are spikey and puffy, and their bodies are wide and flat unless threatened, then they puff up and hiss. thought it was a chameleon at first because the head shape and way it moved its eyes, but the feet wasnt right so yea. camera quality isnt clear enough to identify it lol

  2. this is fabulous… took me right back to my childhood days where it was so common to find these garden lizards back at my grandma's place 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. guerra that is not a bearded dragon. look up "bearded dragon" on google and look at it hard. because that's a Indian garden lizard.

  4. The video was originally titled "Squirrel vs. Chameleon – The Games Animals Play". Someone said I was wrong on both counts, so I checked. The stars of the show are an "Indian Palm Squirrel" and the "Indian Garden Lizard". Try typing "Indian Palm Squirrel" and "Indian Garden Lizard" on Google and you will know what I mean. The title was duly changed thanks to other users pointing it out. However, this should also settle the debate, once and for all !! Am glad that everyone enjoyed the video !!

  5. At 0:58
    CHIPMUNK:"I'm not touching you…"
    LIZARD:"Stop it!"
    CHIPMUNK:"Touching you!"

  6. Squirrel and Lizard BFF!!
    Ha! You are a lucky person to get to see this, and for me, it's edge of the seat entertainment.
    Amazing shot! Thanks for sharing.

  7. i cant really ID the lizad but on its appreance i would say its a bearded dragon and the squirrl looks more like a chipmunk
    and i know its not a chameleon because chameleons are slow and rarely rarly raley come down to the ground and i own a veild camelelon and 2 bearded dragons

  8. A chipmunk and some sort of lizard. Cant see what type of lizard clearly but definately not chameleon. The way the lizard hisses makes it look like a chameleon, but chameleons have four toes that are seperated directly through middle.

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