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Hey everyone, AG here. 2017 is a new start! Let’s do this!! It’s been a year, i’m sorry to my loyal fans and viewers who sat patiently for my next upload. You all mean so much to me and I want to provide you with the content I love making.

It’s been months, i’ve thought about what I want to do with AviationGeek and I know where I want to take it. Expect plenty of content to be coming your way, together we can make AviationGeek something special.

Yes, there are a lot of F18s in this video, all of them actually, but being my favourite aircraft and the masses of content available on this aircraft type it was only fitting to make it the feature of this years edit.

Thanks again so much for all the love and support over the past few years, AviationGeek wouldn’t be what it is without you all.

Immediate Music – We Made This War

Seeb – Breathe ft. Neev

KAAZE – Haartz

M83 – Outro


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  1. Ok. So once you're up in the air, what is it that you do? Barrel rolls and flips all day? Can you take the plane anywhere? If you're on a carries in the Med, can you take the plane to some base in Europe and have lunch?

  2. I’m 12 years old right now my plan is to fly the F-15Xs or the F-16 in the Air Force I am already getting ready for my first solo flight at 16 and to get my private pilot license at 17

  3. Damn what a tune Seeb – Breathe ft. Neev, these videos are amazing so much love! respect abulute cant get enough! feels! This would be one epic hardearned job! very well made video epic tunes epic editing!

  4. I feel bad to think that I will never be able to realize my dream since I have vision problems, and I feel even worse reading the comments of people who say that they have made it become a military pilot?

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