Indian/Kolkata Street Food – Sattu Drink (Tasty Healthy Drink) Very Common Street Food in India

Indian/Kolkata Street Food  - Sattu Drink (Tasty Healthy Drink) Very Common Street Food in India
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India/Kolkata Street Food – Sattu Drink (Tasty Healthy Drink) Very Common Street Food in India.
Medical advantages of Sattu :
1. Coolant for Body
2. Panacea for Women
3. Sparkling Skin
4. Glossy Hair
5. Mixture for Old Age
6. Shelter for Diabetics and High BP Patients
7.Stamina Booster
Sattu Sharbat Recipe :
All You Need:
2 tablespoons of sattu powder + 3 tablespoons of sugar + Salt to taste +1 lemon 2 glasses of water. Mix this ingredients properly.

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