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  1. Thor: I should’ve gone for the head
    I should’ve gone for the head
    Ph1LzA: I should’ve ate the golden apple
    I should’ve ate the golden apple
    I should’ve ate the golden apple

  2. I think the correct strategy on that situation was when he got on fire he should have put the water bucket down and run and then eat the enchanted golden apple heal up then get the fuck out of that cave. This is just an analysis on what he could have done, comment down what he could also do to survive hes hardcore world

  3. The mobs had planned this for 4 years.

    He kills the zombies that come two by two from both sides in the beginning. Then after he’s gained his confidence he jumps in. A armored baby comes in to suppress him and the creeper follows to finish him off. He tries to retreat to the other side. A spider comes from the other side where he’s trying to retreat at to finish him off.

    That was the endgame.

  4. Damage Statistics:
    Armored Baby Zombie – 6 (36.25%)
    Fire Aspect – 5 (31.25%)
    Spider – 3 (21.25%)
    Skeleton – 1 (11.25%)

    Health Regeneration – 5

    Total Damage Dealt: 15 HP
    Health Regenerated: 5 HP

    Measurement Used: Hearts

    EDIT: Converted statistic percentages from equaling 150% to 100%.

  5. damn dying like that? do u dont know how to fight in this game? xD lmao sad end but better learn how to kill things for the next 5 years

  6. Do you think you'll be more active on youtube now? I love watching and glad I came across you, however I work 14 hour days, I don't get time to watch your streams sadly.

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