Guinea Pig Follows His Favorite Golden Retriever EVERYWHERE | The Dodo Odd Couples

Guinea Pig Follows His Favorite Golden Retriever EVERYWHERE | The Dodo Odd Couples
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Frankenstein the guinea pig is completely in love with his big sister Pippin, who’s a golden retriever. He follows her everywhere, needs to be touching her at all times, and can’t stand to be apart.

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  1. In Switzerland, it is against the law to have ONLY ONE Guinea Pig. Because they are highly social, it is consider animal abuse & cruelty to have only one.

  2. sooo sweet but uuuuh – don't get him outside. if there's a hunting dog from somewhere – he is dead in an instant. backyard is enough. will make his life soooo much longer. <3

  3. Females in guinea pig society are the dominant ones. So males will always follow females.
    It's why males make better pets, as they're much easier to handle.

    My guineas would follow my girl dogs around everywhere, my dog would freak out and run away and cry at me lol

  4. I always get nervous when a see a carnivore with a prey animal. They are friends, but someday someone might forget. Does anyone know if a guinea pig and a cat would get along? If Guinea pigs need company and my cat is an only pet. I could get a ball the guinea pig could run around in. I've never had one. Might get my cat off her ass.

  5. Just sooooo cute! Golden’s are so mellow and that little pig is adorable. I miss the one we had , long hair blk/white- called him Tux. He would squeal with delight whenever he saw our mini schnauzer. My dog tolerated the little guy but just couldn’t seem to make up with him.

  6. Capybaras are very social and make friends with literally any and all animals (it's downright ridiculous sometimes). As guinea pigs are their closest relatives, this doesn't surprise me in the least, especially since retrievers are so sweet.

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