"Final Destination" in real life! (Accidents with timber trucks)

"Final Destination" in real life! (Accidents with timber trucks)
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“Final Destination” in real life! (Accidents with timber trucks)
Daily collection of car crashes, accidents, as well as a variety of funny things on the road.

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My second channel!

Channel created collections for car crashes and road accidents captured by car DVR, as well as different collection on the theme of cars, such as instant karma, incredible luck on the road, woman driving rednecks and louts, road rage, roadside assistance, etc.

A new selection of car accidents and the accident comes out every day! All road accidents and accidents in the video as a teaching tool and for educational purposes only. Be careful and attentive on the road. Follow the rules.

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  1. became truck driver all is about load and time arriving destination.they need load as much as can for money.accident will make driver losing money and some cases even life

  2. Crazy Russian driwers…Half speed to corner and smallest garco and it´s going fine to destination…..I´m ready go to driwing lumber truck to Russia,because I don´t work to Finland,because i´we brain tumor.that isn´t reason why i can not driwing lumber truck outside to Finland.I don´t hawe any more truck lisence to Finland traffic.

  3. timber trucks run up and down on Holland Blvd in Deltona FL, truck ran into a pond, nobody got hurt but truck killed all the fish

  4. иногда удивляет -водитель с региком видит,что на него сейчас повалятся бревна и даже не пытается сдать назад! это ступор или надежда,что не докатятся? за подборку лайк)

  5. No pal, your are not thd only english comments here, there is a nice vid chap before you scroll down and yours sincerely. Cant believe how fucking reckless these drivers are glad they are not on british roads

  6. Вот интересно за что дизлайки уже? Отличное же видео. Хочется, что бы те кто ставит дизлайки, обосновывали в комментариях.

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