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  1. Unless those cages are TARDISes they're way to smell for those cats. Should work on improving the habitats for the animals he already has instead of 'rescuing' more. It's not a rescue if there isn't enough room for a cat to run. It looks more like an exotic animal hoarder really. Cleaner than most- but he was probably expecting a camera crew that day.
    There are other, better rescues for exotic animals than this one.

  2. What a horrible facility!! Please do your research and do NOT believe their lies. This is NOT the only big cat rescue. Not even the only one in Oregon……and these people have numerous USDA violations. It is an awful facility. 

  3. What a horrible life for those poor animals – chain link and concrete. The bobcat, bearcat, and lynx cages are horrendous. This is extremely sad.

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