Chinese Sichuan "Mac and Cheese" Pea Noodles 豌豆杂酱面

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I found the BEST pea noodles in Chengdu! Surprisingly, they taste a bit like mac and cheese! (A spicy version with better tasting noodles and more ingredients) I’m in love with Sichuan cuisine!
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Sichuan cuisine is in my opinion, China’s best cuisine. Chinese food is often grouped into 8 different groups, and Sichuan cuisine is often ranked at #1, for good reason!

These noodles were so creamy and spicy and just melted in my mouth. The 豌豆杂酱面 “wandou zajiang mian” gets its delicious flavour from the yellow peas (the “wandou”) which are creamy and almost tasted cheesy, and also from the “jiang” sauce. (which is often referrred to as the soul of Sichuan cuisine).

The amount of “food rangin” to do in China is unbelievable, and in Chengdu it’s non-stop! Theres just so much to eat!

The “jiang” sauce used in this video was really delicious and is made from fermented broad beans, soybeans, salt, rice, chilies, and a little sugar. It is mixed with pork and served on top of the noodles. WOW! So delicious! Not to mention the ground Sichuan peppercorn and sesame seeds, chili oil, and soy sauce that are added to the bottom of the bowl that need to be mixed throughout the noodles after being served.

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