What My Rescue Dog Taught Me & Why Animal Adoption Matters

What My Rescue Dog Taught Me & Why Animal Adoption Matters
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Watch to find out how my furry family is doing today and meet my adopted pooch, Lola, and my rescue dog, Buddy. I made this video to remind everyone that adoption matters. When you adopt or rescue an animal, you’re not only saving a life, you’re enriching your own (I know from experience!). Also, don’t miss my resource lists for how to adopt and care for an animal in need, plus my Animal Adoption Fact Sheet infographic here: http://kriscarr.com/blog-video/animal-adoption-dog-rescue

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  1. have four rescued / adopted pups……they know they are special…..i don't have room, but i made room….we are happy and get along……they make life better every day…..

  2. Lovely video there Kris, so thanks for posting and the rescue story is heart warming. Buddy looks so much like my rescue dog, Henry, who is a harrier hound, basically a cross between your American Foxhound and a Beagle. Weighs about 50 lbs when I can keep him to a diet !!! He was rescued off the streets of central Massachusetts and now lives happily with me in Ireland after I took him home on my retirement 5 years ago. He will be 14 in August !!!

  3. Oh my God!!!! You are an angel👼 God Bless You. I Have 4 cats, rescued and 2 dogs, rescued. I love them. Their names are: Daysi, Bentley, Mandy, Chester, Phineas and Senator.

  4. Thank you for these wonderful videos, this have given us some hope, my husband is battling PMP cancer, he did a MOAS/HIPEC treatment in late march this year. we have 2 dogs, one is a rescue from Spain, her name is Katie, and we have a son that is almost 5 years old, our dogs are our children, my girls i say to them all the time. Thank you for letting us have this important information. Kind regards from Sweden.

  5. I have two dogs I adopted from the pound: Tristan a funny looking and hilarious boy, chihuahua, and Vlad, our gentle and so fun Great Dane. They're amazing and so loving, and we are so lucky to have found them 🙂 everyone, adopt!!! You won't regret it.

  6. All my dogs have always been rescue dogs, I have recently just got three more that are WONDERFUL. I now have six!! Kinda crazy, but I love all of them and they are honestly close to the best things I have 

  7. God bless you Kris! Great video thanks for publishing to the public, As rescues need the publicity for people to realize that these rescues are the greatest additions to their own families and while also saving these pets lives from being euthanized!I have a blue heeler rescue and also a small mixed dog that someone set out starved on the road where i live. They go with me where ever i go and love to ride out on the farm with me on my Kubota rtv and check the cattle and horses and are such a big part of our family.Love my dogs!Thanks again for a much needed video! You are a jewel Kris!

  8. Although I can't afford a fur baby right now, my parents have taken in dogs that were dumped on sides of roads ever since they got married.  The only three dogs out of the twenty my parents raised who weren't strays were from trusted breed owners.  Unfortunately, a lot of people dump dogs they don't want on the sides of country roads to fend for themselves, instead of doing the responsible thing and taking them to no kill shelters to be adopted.  Once I get enough money to keep a dog, I will definitely go to a shelter to pick up my future doggy companion.

  9. My rescue story is a love story! I wanted a dog, and so I went to a large shelter. In the whole roomful of cages of dogs, one little dog barked insistently at me: "Over here! It's about time you came for me!" The staff took us in the "see if this dog is for you" room, and he immediately came to me–and then tinkled on my purse, claiming me. Once I had signed the papers, the staffers said: "We couldn't tell you this before, but someone REALLY needed to get him TODAY." He wasn't a puppy, and he had been at the shelter for 4 months, so nobody wanted him–nobody except me. We all know what it's like to feel lost, abandoned, dumped. My dog Fox shows me every day what it feels like to be FOUND, to belong to someone. We're a package deal. We've got each other's backs! I'm the luckiest girl in the world, because Fox is my dog. <3

  10. Oh my goodness! What is Buddy? My Bailey, also a pound pup, looks just like him. And we've just passed our 13 year anniversary with him. Thank you for hearing!! xxoo

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