I've Got a Feeling (The Animal Rescue Song)

I've Got a Feeling (The Animal Rescue Song)
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Happy stories of dog rescue and adoption. COURAGE; the German Shepherd from Orange County CA. Shelter dogs with their forever families & Pilots n Paws. Don’t miss the PSA at the end! 😉
you can purchase “Feeling” at itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-the-moment/id447660036

Jayne co-wrote “Feeling” with Dwayna Litz (also her co-writer on “Let Me Be There For You” recorded by Patti LaBelle on her Grammy nominated GOLD CD “Flame”).

I’ve got a feeling you’re someone special
I’ve got a feeling about you
I know I just met you but I can’t forget you
I’ve got a feeling about you
And it’s different than expected
I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before
No, I’m sure this is a first; it’s
Like Heaven has not forgotten me

So overwhelming; The first time I held you
I started crying
Just like a baby; I know it sounds crazy
What is this happening in my heart?
It’s different than expected
Not like anything I’ve ever felt before
Like I’ve come home: Like a sweet song
That I have heard for the first time
Never bet all my dreams on that “one in a million”
But I’ve got a feeling about you

music and lyrics by Jayne Olderman & Dwayna Litz
© 1997 (p) 2009 Olderman Music (BMI)/Litz Music (ASCAP)


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  1. @sometimesnym Thank you for watching. I am sorry about your loss. Please watch "Let Your Heart Be Broken" as it may be a source of comfort to you.

  2. Woof woof growl WOOF…translation in Caninetian: You are my hero! So I wrote this poem for you:
    Little Miss Jaynie
    went to the cannie
    to give a poor dog a bone
    but there was Lakota
    and the love that he showed'ah
    was enough that she took him right home!

  3. You have done such a wonderful service for saving thousands of Dogs and Cats.
    Your Song and Video are Incredible. Thank You–Thank You–Thank You.

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