Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue

Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue
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A tribute to Katrina Animal Rescue…..
Especially those volunteering at Camp Katrina, located in Tylertown, MS. and those working at the Winn Dixie in downtown New Orleans.

The pictures of the dogs in the water came from various associated press releases after the hurricane. Those pictures were what made me decide to head down to help. Myself, two other technicians and a veterinarian from where I work all headed down, not knowing what we’d find.

We arrived just as the camp was getting started. We were the first medical team in the camp. There were people from all walks of life, all races, all religion, all political views. It didn’t matter…we were all there for one goal: To rescue and save the animals who fell victim to Hurricane Katrina.

The other pictures in the clip were taken by various volunteers in the camp: Lisa & Tammy, Chuck, Carebear, Gonzo, Kimmy and myself. If you see this video and find one of your pictures here and I haven’t credited you, please leave me a comment and I’ll make sure you get the credit you so richly deserve.

The song is by the country band “Sugarland” and called “Stand Back Up”. I heard it for the first time after arriving home from Tylertown. It reminded me so much of what these animals went through I cried. I knew I would one day make a video using the song. After all they’d been through…once rescued and given the medical attention they needed they stood back up and were happy as could be. So…this is also a tribute to the resilience of those animals, and in memory of those who didn’t make it.


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  1. Once again your beautiful video is making the rounds between our fellow rescue buddies. I love you my soul sister, I miss you more, but I'll forever be grateful and feel blessed to have rescued along side of you during one of the worst catastrophes our country has experienced. You left footprints ?on my ?! Love to you, the mister & the "Mutley crew!"

  2. i wouldn´t never ever leave my babys behind! stupid human! i'm telling for those who didn't let them enter dogs seriously! stupid people!

  3. These people should not be allowed to have animals, neither the 'owners' nor the rescuers. Who or what gives them the right to believe and say that humans suffer more than animals. I'm disgusted and sickened by this lowlife

  4. i would never ever leave my dog or any dogs behind i would give my own life to any ainmal who is lost cold hungery and looking for somone to take their pain away:(

  5. I would never, NEVER leave my dog behind. If someone tried to take him away, I'd get back in my car, or head back on the road, and just go. He's part of my family…I couldn't do it.

  6. @happymike44 there is a documentary on this, they would rescue people against their will and leave their dogs behind. One could not choose the option to stay behind with their pet, such a sad story.

  7. this is so sad but the good news is that I adopted a dog born in the after math of Hurricane Katrina. she wa sin the Humane sociaety in Lake County Indiana. She had mange, tics, ear mites and brwon tic fever. But money can heal all wounds now she was gained 50 pounds and has a great home!!!

  8. great video. whenever there's a natural disaster, they never talk about the animals that were killed and injured and left behind in the news. They forget about these animals that suffered what the humans suffered, too. Its just touching and beautiful when volunteers and animal rescuers risk their lives to save those that can't save themselves. Thanks for the video.

  9. Thank you…your video brought tears, and, yet, hope to me at the same time. Let the people NEVER allow the damn government to make them leave their animal's behind EVER again. I would never abandon a creature who trusted, and needed me…

  10. Many owners had no choice but to leave their pets behind.
    At many evacuation points small dogs were taken from their owners and left along side the road.
    Many animals were not allowed to evacuate with their owners.
    Believe me if the troopers tell you no pets they don't care these were animals to them and nothing more.
    I will never leave my dog behind.
    We will live and die together no matter what the troopers say.
    I will get in my car and drive us away from the disaster no matter what.

  11. I can only give tears and wishes to all dogs there.
    If I live in USA, no doubt I'll adopt them.
    Big thanks to the volunteers, you guys do have big hearts, I'll always pray for you guys.
    GBU guys…

  12. There are no words to express how this video moved me. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to save those precious animals left behind. It is generous and loving hearts like yours that renew my faith in the human race. God bless all of you.

  13. i was part of this alongside of the Animal Rescue League and i'm tears now because i remember all the tears and exhaustion but i remember the hope. I remember watching a lab swim in the water towing a board with a family of stranded cats on it and the dog died and drowned…..i hope that no one ever forgets what happened.

  14. Following Katrina, the Humane Society forced the government to pass a law saying that any evacuation must include the pets. It also says that if an owner leaves a pet during an evacuation, they can be brought up on abandonment charges. It is illegal to abandon any pet, and now, even during evacuation.

  15. Asahu,most of the pets were not abandoned by choice.People in that area are used to storms,so they thought they'd be away for a day &left food(I know,I wouldn't do that but…)& others were forced out by armed soldiers.Others went into copters(no pets allowed).Now the laws changed.Pets have to be allowed when they evacuate any area.Thank God.If I was in Katrina,NO WAY would I lve my cats!I'd be dead now, probably.I'd never leave them!!!

  16. This video and all others like this make me so sad, and happy. I work at rocky mountain chocolate factory in medicine hat, alberta. and at chistmas time we raffeled off a $400 chocolate santa! the funds raised went to our local S.O.S and we helped get a katrina dog sergury. i cried when we got a thank you card from her and i thaught about how little we did, and how much more we all could have done.

  17. Beautiful video, brought back a lot of memories. I volunteered there as well, and it was the most wonderful experience of my life. Sad, but wonderful. So many people showed up there from all over the country, and we all worked together absent of egos or conflict. Closest thing to Utopia that I have ever experienced.

  18. WONDERFUL people those who volunteered there, really
    but what happened to those animals? did they found they're owners? or went to an animal shelter?

    great video, very strong

  19. We need an animal rescue organization in every country …Sadly people doesn't understand that animals need protection because they have no way to choose , like us , humans…

  20. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. I was moved to tears. God bless all those who came to the aid of the often forgotten animals in the aftermath of Katrina. I donated to the humane society's relief effort & am glad to see so much good being done.

  21. THANK GOD FOR YOU RESCUERS!I tried to go there,as I to t/n/r,but I'm from NYC,dont drive,no camping gear, no go.I gave lots of money instead,&had others give. THANK GOD FOR YOU.If any of my cats were there,I don't know what I would do.They are my family!

  22. what a sad video. All those poor darlings who probably didn't have a home to come collect them. Thank god you people who helped them are there to do the amazing job you do and did. I cant stop crying for the poor things.

  23. AWWW!! I wish i could have been there to help those poor animals out :o( It makes me want to cry! Animals depend on people to take care of them and then and then they just got left behind .. so sad :o(

  24. Such movig images, but I tried it with a different song, Beautiful by Christina A. At frist it may not seem right but just play it
    makes me weep at the pain but then cry for the hope

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