Eating Classic Szechuan Food on the Streetside in Chengdu

Eating Classic Szechuan Food on the Streetside in Chengdu
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Chengdu’s food is definitely unique. Always spicy and numbing and sometimes cleaner than others. Enjoy a classic Szechuan meal here! Please like my facebook page:

This food at this location was very unique and eating here felt like eating in old China. I personally found the food here to be so-so, not too special, but not too repulsive (except for the intestine, it was really horrible, actually tasted like crap!). I’m more of a fan of the noodles, hotpot, and 小吃 “small snacks” here in Chengdu, but loved trying everything! Thanks again for watching my food and travel videos. The food in Szechuan really is awesome!

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  1. So, with all the dishes I've seen you eat, there seems to be a lot of chili oil in many of them. Are they different flavored oils or is there one that stands out more than the others or is it basically the same type of chili oil?

  2. alot of this food is dangerous to your health…. tens of thousands of Chinese die every month…..from toxic food….. the ameobic dysentary kills thousands a day across Asia…….. thousands of Western tourists come back with lifetime infections…….just research it….. you go to a peasant culture and eat like them……you suffer

  3. Best food critics often doesnt like everything they try, and you like everything, therefore i like u didnt like (my engl is horrible, i know)

  4. I remember watching your videos when you had under 50k subs and I was always commenting how its only a matter of time till you blew up and got past 100k and look at you now… past 500k. Keep going man its literally only a matter of time till you hit 1m+!

  5. I think the only intestines I ate and liked were the Taiwanese style that sliced them thin and open and in the rice noodles. Those were chewy and tasty. Oh, and the fried ones that are super crispy but also sliced super thin and open. That lets you see how clean they are before you take a bite and get a mouth full of pig poo.

  6. 3:37 lol your awsome, very open minded when it comes to food. Your videos are very entertaining, and informative keep doing what you do. I enjoy watching.

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