Eating A Whole Roast Lamb in China | Mongolian Food, Sichuan Style

Eating A Whole Roast Lamb in China | Mongolian Food, Sichuan Style
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We ate this whole roast lamb in Chengdu, Sichuan. It was a little like the Mongolian food, Mongolian roast lamb, except it was prepared in the Sichuan style, with a spicy and numbing sauce on it. It’s definitely an awesome food to try in Sichuan! I arrived early to watch the cooking process, and the chef even showed me hot to make the roast lamb over the hot coals!

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We went to this roast lamb place because it was two of my friends birthdays, and we wanted a true Chinese feast. We wanted to eat a whole roast lamb!

The location was outside of Chengdu in the south, at :

Although the roast lamb was expensive, it was definitely super delicious! The flavor was spicy and numbing and also had a strong cumin flavor as well! It was a little small, and a little expensive, but we were stuffed! The leg of lamb, the lamb shank, the body, all were delicious, except a little too small! It was the juiciest lamb meat I’ve ever tasted. The chef was so happy that we came to film a video, that they phoned us after the video to say we could come back and they would make a roast lamb for free for us next time! This was some of the best cooking I’ve ever had, delicious food!

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  1. We do a full lamb on a spit over coals 2 times per year here in Canada – it is superb. Every easter for the last 55 years or so. We used to turn the spit manually but now high tech does the trick… oh how i hated turning that spit…… the skin is crispy and the meat is so delicalte – now im talking about a 28lbs young lamb with sweet meat… delicious! Looks great – wish I was sampling….. thanks for the video…

  2. I would love if you could list in the description the names of the people in your videos. This would be a nice way to commemorate forever that they contributed to the video, and also would allow us to compare with other vids who appeared. of course, not all of the locals will want their names out there, but it would certainly help us Food Ranger fans identify with the people who get to eat with you! Thanks!

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