Deadly Car Crashes Caught on Tape Compilation 2018 || Brutal Crashes 2018

Deadly Car Crashes Caught on Tape Compilation 2018 || Brutal Crashes 2018
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Deadly Car Crashes Caught on Tape Comilation 2018 || Brutal Crashes 2018

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.
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  1. How is it humanity has this much difficulty following rules and driving smart? These were all avoidable.

    Here's my biggest questions: 1) Why do ppl speed towards a situation that requires brakes, maneuvering, timing, patients and intelligence? It seems the worse the situation is, the faster mankind drives towards it. Dumb. Just dump.

    2) Why do ppl speed down the street when it's pouring outside? Haven't we proven it enough that most, if not all at some point in their life, is incapable of driving through it.

  2. These videos have made me stay a lot more aware of what's happening around me. My Dad gave me the best advice when I was learning to drive. He said, "Whenever you're on the road, just imagine that everyone else is an idiot and don't ever take it for granted that they'll do what they're supposed to. The most dangerous part of a car is the nut holding the steering wheel"

  3. They are all caused by Deplorables either not giving a fuck…. Or because they have their iPhones up their asses with the wires hanging out…! And some of you are just straight up inbred retarded….

  4. Most of these wrecks could be avoided. The common denominators are speeding & weather. It's RIDICULOUS how fast some of these idiots were driving! Not only are they jeopardizing their own life but other lives too. Serves them right and I hate to say that, but it's true. There could be kids in the car. Heard one crying in the video. It's thoughtless and self centered to say the least

  5. It will never cease to amaze me how fast Russian pedestrians can move when they see a crash. It's like they have training for this sort of thing.

  6. Lol that Ford truck got destroyed. Ram truck held up pretty good
    And the idiot at 6:27 deserved to get hit, his slow ass, maybe next time he will put a little hustle into it. OR MAYBE hell look before he crosses.

  7. I drive for a living and it makes me mad that people are actually 100% willing to kill others or themselves to save 5 seconds of travel time. Their life is only worth 5 seconds.

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