Battle Royale with Game Master Spy Ninjas in Real Life! (Solving Riddles and Clues about Event Date)

Battle Royale with Game Master Spy Ninjas in Real Life! (Solving Riddles and Clues about Event Date)
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Last to stop watching this wins as Rebecca Zamolo battles the Quadrant in real life. Plus help solve riddles and clues about the event date!
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After Rebecca Zamolo found giant Hatchimals with Game Master spy gadgets inside and played last to drop wins from 45ft, Matt and Rebecca woke up to a mysterious message from the GM. When we started our ninja training on the scavenger hunt in our house we unboxed spy gadgets we would need for the event happening February 23rd. We broke the lie detector mixture and might need to go back to the real #gamemaster laboratory and create more. RZ twin as seen spying on us which makes us believe she is working undercover for the Quadrant. In today’s video we received a message from the GM with mystery coordinates. When we arrived I realized this was where I had done previous videos with Annie Leblanc and the Rybka Twins. Once inside, While I began to tumble and flip my cameraman Daniel noticed 4 mysterious men walking inside wearing masks. They did a face reveal and luckily it was our friends. We got to learn how to do new ninja skills and tricks. After they left we spotted a drone spying on us from above as well as four members of the quadrant approaching us in the alley. It was time to use our training in a battle royale in real life. Matt used his high ninja kick while I did the tornado spin I had been taught to defeat them. The mask they dropped revealed a secret time and location. Should we attend the secret meeting and get more information about the event? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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  1. There the quagerent they don’t now the game master and the quagerent doesn’t now hem 4 of them yes tall yes should yes

  2. Rebecca your friends are the quadrant because I saw there shoes and they were wearing the same exact shoe that they had give it a big thumps up if you agree with me

  3. Rebeca did you notice the whit shoos of the boy wich woes driving.The whit shoos wos identecly the same of the quatrins.Oll the boyes had black shooes and he was the only one.

  4. Your friends remember the boys for people that were fighting to you and that and that for people are friends because there were four of your friends and only make you some of you guys were there

  5. Rebecca,Matt the Quadrents are all clones of youtubers one like Daniels clone when their was a battle royal at the mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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