Animals attack – Lions attack Hippos and Warthogs – Animal fights

Animals attack - Lions attack Hippos and Warthogs - Animal fights
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Hippopotamus is an extremely thick-skinned animal, only the skin of the tail is thin at the base of the tail, and the thickness of the skin is 4 cm throughout the body. The color of the back of the hippo is gray or gray-brown. The belly, as well as the areas around the eyes and ears are pink. There is practically no wool, except for short bristles at the tip of the tail and ears. Very rare, barely noticeable to the eye, the wool grows on the sides and on the stomach.
Lion is a predatory beast, is one of four representatives of the genus panther, belonging to the subfamily of large cats.
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Amazing Animal Attack


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  1. I love Lions….guess its called survival of the fittest….I love felines no matter the size! Hippos kill humans more than any other animal does! So it got what it deserved?Hippos just stand there only to get eaten alive by lions…its as if Hippos have no brain cells. They dont even try to defend themselves….Lmao?

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