Things To Do in Colombo City, Sri Lanka – Travel Video

Things To Do in Colombo City, Sri Lanka - Travel Video
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Things to do in Colombo, Sri Lanka! Welcome to Colombo – the capital and largest city on the island of Sri Lanka!

This is a travel video about the famous things to do and see when you travel to Colombo.

Like to Eat? Check out this list of 40 of the Top Sri Lankan foods:


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  1. You are visiting in Sri Lanka we are appreciating that.but background music from india.that is not a Sri Lankan music and regarding food that's also not real Sri Lankan
    come again and do excellent.thanx

  2. This video could be a reason for unsubscribing your channel.Because as a Sri lankan I can assured there are more places which indicating real Sri lankan flavour.

  3. We are sri lankans ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Visit Bally’s. It’s amazing and largest winning gaming place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. they will provide so many interesting foods in a restaurant with free of charge. Try once when you visited Colombo. They will provide free transport back to your hotel too. Watch this link –

  5. I think during this trip to Sri Lanka, his face kinda changed and he started to look more like the 2018 Mark. Is that because he lost weight?

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