Street Churros – Crazy Chilli Dog – Best Ever Food Review Show

Street Churros - Crazy Chilli Dog - Best Ever Food Review Show
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Churro + hotdog = Whaaaa???


Street Churros:

Korea food restaurants review
Itaewon food
Street Churros
Best hotdog


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  1. I watched this videos again. Your Korean and the voices very good. You make me laugh way more than it should ??

  2. Churros were not invented in Korea , they come from Spain. They were first made by Spanish shepards who were far away from their homes with their flocks of animals and wanted something easy and sweet to make. A part from that, love your videos dude congratulations and well done.

  3. Now, that is something I would definitely try…a churro hot dog. The churro is sturdier than a hot dog bun and would not fall apart. Did you try the churro with ice cream? I drooling here!

  4. Best Ever Food Review Show…. is the Best Food Review Show …. EVER!!
    Every SonnySide video is engaging, informative and extremely entertaining… and he is eye candy too!!
    Please never Sell out… we need you to bring your wonder and joy to our world ….

  5. lets make a comedy movie bro about food 🙂 im a local director here in our city in Passi iloilo Philippines 🙂 Both of us i think will make a good outcome of a comedy movie 😀 the translation !!!! Legit!

  6. they didn't invent CHURROS they just CREATED THE KOREAN CHURRO TREND….. why would you say that I hope that you just misspoke because I've been eating to lose weight before Street churros ever existed and so has my great-grandparents. all I know is he was he had so much CHURRO DOGS ON the brain that it didn't matter anything about the backstory…… hunger will do that!

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