Last Chance for Animals – Japan Rescue Video

Last Chance for Animals - Japan Rescue Video
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Following the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the
humanitarian rescue and recovery effort has been unprecedented. But,
while the vast majority of non-profits in Japan are focused solely on
human concerns, thousands of lonely, frightened, and injured animals
have been left out of the equation. They have been left to starve, die
from wounds they received during the tsunami, or perish from radiation
exposure. Los Angeles based Last Chance for Animals has been
responsible for the vast majority of animal rescues, penetrating as
deep as Okuma, Tomioka, and Naraha, at times coming within 5
kilometers of the damaged reactors.


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  1. I don't think they were abandoned on purpose.Different situations call for different measures. Been watching documentaries about the 3/11 japan tsunami and a lot of the people seemed panicked and didn't expect the tsunami to arrive sooner. Their pets possibly ran away or was hiding during the earthquake; there are lots of factors that needs to be considered. Let's try to avoid judging the decisions those people made during the disaster coz I'm sure every decision made that time was never an easy decision. Plus, the people were taught the Tsunami Tendenko or Tendenko method which means when a tsunami is anticipated, each person should escape separately. And these words include additional meaning; by all means run to a hill quickly, ignore even your parents, children and/or pets etc, think only of yourself not to be sacrificed. And even if people die, no one should blame anyone. Tendenko basically is a sorrowful wisdom to avoid more deaths/losses.

  2. I hate when people use the word abandoned when I think of that word more or less as a voluntary act. These poor people didn't actually abandoned their pets. They had no choice and were tragically displaced.

  3. Let's Make our World a Better Place…                                                                EARTHLINGS — documentary

  4. God bless you when I saw u feeding hungry dogs and helping trapped pets u guys are amazing and deserve better thank you for your efforts and the animals would be so great full

  5. I salute you sir, not anyone can do this good deed for an animal, it only shows that all life is equal and sacred. everyone has the right to be saved.

  6. ni är mycke bättre en i cina. nu ska jag bereta en sak åk till cina dom slår i jäl dogs and cats. help  dogs and cats  
    . hälsningar jennifer korpe

  7. seni kutlarım Amerikalı. uzak doğu ülke insanı seni  örnek almalı. zehir zıkkım yesinler köpeklere öğle zülüm yapıyorlarki, üstüne üstlük yemek yapıp pişirip yiyorlar zıkkım yesinler.

  8. I have rescued dogs lke that, unfortunately after drinking water, they die. But at least they feel safe for the last hours of their life.

  9. GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS YOU THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. DO YOU STILL NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE If so we will give when and what we can what awesome Great Spirits you are thank you peeps. We left USA & are starting an animal rescue in Australia. You are the very best. Again thank you for your bravery, selflessness & compassion. God & all the Nature Divas & spirits thank you, be sure to take loads of clean Kelp tabs & Blue Green Algae to combat Rad exposure. PLEASE see all chelate

  10. no matter how tried you are, no matter how hopeless it is , don't give up,you are the only help, helping our best friends , you are the only hope , thank you very much.

  11. First off I don't think many of the owners intentionally left their dogs. It was pure chaos and panic and probably some of the owners died or weren't even with their pets at the time of the tsunami. I commend the guy but some of his comments made it look like the owners cruelly left them behind. Japan is one f the top country in the world who loves their pets.

  12. i think what they are doing is important but i fear for their radiation contamination and the likelihood the rescuers may develop cancers later on as a result of the expression of carcinogenic cells unblocked by the radiation

  13. Well done!!!!! Great video. Thank you for risking personal safety to help those animals. I am a forever fan of your organization!

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