Joe the Chimpanzee's Epic Rescue | PETA Animal Rescues

Joe the Chimpanzee's Epic Rescue | PETA Animal Rescues
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Joe was imprisoned in this squalid cage at this decrepit roadside zoo for 17 years.

When he was young, he was taught to perform tricks by notorious Hollywood animal trainer Steve Martin, who has a long history of dumping chimpanzees in roadside zoos when they grow up and get too strong to be controlled.

And that’s what happened to Joe. He was dumped at The Mobile Zoo, where he was confined to a tiny, rusted cage, isolated and alone.

PETA has been working to free Joe for years, and in 2016, we succeeded. Joe was finally released and, with the help of Save the Chimps sanctuary, we were able to take him to his wonderful new home.

At the sanctuary, he will have the opportunity to learn to be part of a family and finally has enough space to climb and explore like a real chimpanzee.

Voiceover by Amelia Clover:


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  1. So wonderful to see Joe hurry out of the cage so happy to run on grass and socialize. Thank you Peta. So sorry he had to spend so many lonely years in that awful situation.

  2. This video mentions Steve Martin. Is that the same Steve Martin from Father of the Bride, Cheaper by the Dozen, and the Pink Panther remake?

  3. Don't forget kids, only stupid fucking losers go to see road side zoos! Don't support animal slavery and torture with your parents money! Thanks.

  4. PETA I am so sorry that you don't have so much more followers if I could have One wish it would be that everybody would go vegan I am trying so hard to help I have already taught one of my friends so much that they went vegetarian are taking small but very very sufficient steps to veganism I am sorry for the bad grammar but I have OCD and cannot type very well and this voice thing is very very annoying to thank you for all you do I really really really appreciate it I will always be vegan and I will always be an animal rights activists

  5. small cage, big cage. They are still cages. Do not for 1 second try to make out that you are giving chimps their freedom. There is plenty of land on this planet go and move humans off some and give it back to the chimps.

  6. But he is still in a cage? Why's that? So thankfull for your effort, PETA, for taking Joe with you so he wouldn't be in a horrible place like that zoo 😖 but is he still living in that cage? Why isn't he in the wild?

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