GONGRONGZONG Funny Deaths Compilation 2019 | WoW BFA

GONGRONGZONG Funny Deaths Compilation 2019 | WoW BFA
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Just a compilation of deaths (and near deaths) on stream while I’m playing WoW 🙂 Enjoy!




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  1. Best "death " that i can remember is not mine but a friend back in ICC raid days . He died on the Horde gunship and i used battle rez from my DK on him but as you may remember in those days it would rez you as a ghoul instead of your self. He was unable to use the jet pack to jump back over to our ship so he hid until we cam back over and helped us fight their mage boss. This went on 2 or 3 more times , not sure how he didnt die but he stayed alive as the ghoul until we won the fight . we still talk about that one till this day

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