Emergency brakes system of Trucks saved a life

Emergency brakes system of Trucks saved a life
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Emergency brakes system of Trucks saved a life – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. That is why a heavy goods driving licence is required .truck drivers are alert and vigilant but sometimes they too are careless and cause accidents.before trucks had servo or booster brakes .trucks were not made for speed but loading. New modern trucks are more efficient because or traffic congessions.old time drivers were courteous and responsible. Today drugs alcohol are contributors in road fatalities. These modern brake technology helps prevent major accidents.

  2. Those two kids in the first clip are my in real life school friends… And they’re really lucky to be alive. I also take that bus sometimes. And after the near-death accident, the bus has to stop on a little parking area where the sidewalk connects to. If you need to cross the road, you have to wait until the bus is far away so other vehicles can see you. I am very late but I just wanted to give some info! And I am not sure if they have to stop on the parking area as much as before.

  3. Сука долбоебы а не дети лучше бы сбило научились бы не играть на дороге

  4. I hate kids that run around a busy street that pisses me of because when we hit them their parents blame on us

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