Daily Show "Bad Driving Skills" – (April 2018) #752 | CCTube

Daily Show "Bad Driving Skills" - (April 2018) #752 | CCTube
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Daily Show “Bad Driving Skills” – (April 2018) #752 | CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 2:10 is how to wreck right!
    Recent videos seem to be a response to complaints from Russians that "We are not the world's worst drivers yet your channel makes it seem like that is the case." So the response is, "Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the Chinese!" And better yet, we get to listen to all of their intolerable Chinese pop music that all sounds exactly the same.

  2. It is just mind blowing how INTENTIONALLY stupid so many people are when it comes to driving. Apparently, there are a significant number of countries that do NOT require a driving proficiency exam before issuing a license.

  3. For example at 3:04 You would think that people who live in countries that get a lot of snow, aka Russia, would be great drivers in the snow ! I don’t get it why they pull out in front of people when the roads have snow and crap on them. They of all people should be aware that the other driver will not be able to stop in time to allow there selfish ass to cut in front. In normal conditions their dumbass may be able to cut in front but not when the roads are bad. They are just asking to get hit. I will never understand??

  4. In the interest of future videos pls remember that in snowy slick road conditions, inappropriate speed & inattention are your best strategy..?

  5. I feel like most of these are off of some Chinese forums that post this kind of stuff. 90% all Chinese, some Russian, some American (sometimes a lot more American)

  6. китайцы начинают потихоньку набирать обороты с видео с видеорегистраторов,но сравниться с контентом русских долбоёбов,пока ещё не могут.

  7. In the interest of brotherly love & peace between Russians & Americans….WTF are they saying, in English during the intro. Please, I feel left out.

  8. на 0:56 ёбаный умник решил по встречке от удара уйти, а попал в пиздоварот с четверной силой. Я так понимаю китаяйские мусора у себя, продают права как наши)))

  9. Wow, these people don't give a shit who's around them! They just do whatever! And some of them make an idiot move them bitch at the people who hit them when it's their fault!? I know there are people all over the world who can't drive, but DAYUM!!

  10. 9:50 This clip shows probably the best example of the cause of a lot of the problems in these videos; so many people are in a big hurry. They act like the last thing they want to do is slow down. You've got one passing on the left and two passing on the shoulder! And the one on the left wants to turn right!?

  11. Дааа… , убеждаюсь, что дураков и тупизней хватает везде! Не дай Господь им таким сидеть за Ядерной кнопкой ! Они погубят Планету! ЗЕМЛЯ !

  12. последнее видео – ну очень русское, согласен, только у нас и странах снг такое возможно, когда нарушают ВСЕ участники движения

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