Big Size Paratha | Rare Indian Street Food | Old Man Making Petai Paratha | Village Food at Street

Big Size Paratha | Rare Indian Street Food | Old Man Making Petai Paratha | Village Food at Street
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Big Size Paratha | Rare Indian Street Food | Old Man Making Petai Paratha | Village Food at Street.

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  1. It is used to called 'petai parota' available with boiled pees gravy at rural belt of Burdwan and South 24 pgs district of West Bengal. It is very cheap means to beat the hunger. Just Rs 8 per 100 gms.

  2. Guys if you are so worried about hygiene. Then don’t eat out side, you might as well cook your own food at home.

    Wen you eat in any posh restaurant anywhere in the world do you even now how they are cooking. Just because you spend money on 5 star restaurant it doesn’t mean they are proper hygiene. Trust me amount of dirty things they do on any posh restaurant if you see you’ll stop eating out. Wen it’s really busy they Pick up food from kitchen floor, they bloody even reuse customers left over food. At leas these guys are preparing fresh food next to you.

  3. In bengal, it’s called peta (beating) paratha. Sold by weight, comes with Chana daal during breakfast.

  4. There are so many guys intentionally not wearing shirt and cooking for their YouTube cheap channel. Because they are young and lookin good and this man is old u r all saying this??? Cheap comments people..

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