Amazing Betawi Food – WARNING: Stink Beans & Jengkol in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Amazing Betawi Food - WARNING: Stink Beans & Jengkol in Jakarta, Indonesia!
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When I was in Jakarta, along with eating all sorts of regional Indonesian food from around the country, I really wanted to eat a full spread of Betawi dishes, which are the people originally from the Jakarta area.

After doing some research I came across Warung Mak Dower, and decided to take the trip from across Jakarta to eat there. It was well worth visiting, and the food was incredible.

Here are the dishes I ordered:

Sayur asem (vegetable tamarind soup)
Ikan cue goreng bawang (fried fish with shallots)
Cumi asin lenong (salted squid dish)
Jengkol nampol (dogfruit chili)
Pete goreng (fried stink beans)
Pete bawang (stink beans and fried shallots)

Everything was pretty good, but nothing compared to the dishes that included stink beans and crispy shallots, and the jengkol nampol, a dish of cooked dogfruit in lots of chili and garlic. It was simply an overload of flavor.

Warung Mak Dower is a great friendly family run Betawi restaurant that’s well worth checking out when you’re in Jakarta.

Warung Mak Dower
Address: Jl. Pemuda No. 72, Rawamangun, Jakarta
Open hours: 9 am – 9 pm daily
Total price: 140,800 IDR ($10.33)


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  1. I was wondering how come tourist like you love pete than me as a local people ?… But it so nice to know that you really enjoy Indonesian food ? especially jengkol and pete ?… Keep healthy dude!!!

  2. Jengkol and Pete is the magical things in this world … I can stop eating when I ate with sayur asem, jengkol or Pete , salty fish / tongkol, sambal and warmth rice … Heaven

  3. Malaysia's forest has older stink bean ..its bigger, crunchier, super fragants. If cooked in sambal belacan… i will 7pm took 2 plate of rice with only stink bean sambal belacan…9.30pm took another plate of rice with only stink bean sambal belacan.

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